The Challenge

How can we help attract new clients on Instagram?

Alex is an event host (weddings, birthdays, corporate events, etc.).

Alex had an Instagram account, but it wasn’t attracting new customers. So we had the task of increasing traffic to the profile and getting more orders from customers.

The Solution

Communication and development of an attractive product for the customer

There was a need not only to align the visual aspect of the Instagram profile, to make it more interesting and attractive to customers, but also to convey to users the value of the product, to run advertising, thereby attracting new customers.

The Result

Attracting more customers and increasing orders

We’ve updated the visual part of Alex’s Instagram profile, making it more user-friendly, informative, and attractive.

We set up and ran advertising.

We outlined a further plan for Alex’s independent work to maintain the effectiveness of the profile.

Thanks to this we were able to increase client traffic on Instagram by three times, attracted a new audience and received more requests from customers for services.

The result: Interesting profile and customer growth